Good day Succesful Business Owner!

My name is Zaini Ismail. I still remember, back in 2008 when I’m first building a blog. Using WordPress and dedicated domain. Not blogspot.com or wordpress.com free blog.

The blog I’ve developed is focused on the niche computer as I’m selling the first-ever ebook related to Windows XP.

Even during that time I still a university student, it doesn’t stop me to explore new things (blogging). Luckily, I’m a computer science student and has very basic about web hosting and blogging.

But, thankful. Still consider success even the sales of eBook just good enough to pay my telephone bill.

It’s an amazing journey in the blogging arena. I believe the blog can drive lots of benefits to the business.

In 2014, I’m starting another business and use the blog as the primary platform to promote. Not bad for the revenue!

For you as a business owner, I’ve dedicated myself to share on how to start a successful business blog. The articles created are based on deep research, reading, experience, and cross-reference with the experts.

Enjoy my sharing!