8 Benefits of Blogging for Business

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A successful business needs consistent marketing. One of the best marketing is using a blog as the platform for online marketing. There are lots of benefits of blogging for business.

The benefits you receive are the good sign your business is running well. By having a business blog, your business is one step forward compared to competitors.

The online platform is a must for today’s business. No doubt about it.

Benefits of Blogging for Business

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1. Reach More Customers

That’s the number one of the benefits of blogging for business. Business needs customers. Period.

You have a shop selling clothes and your customer’s market within your district or state.

It’s limited outreach. By having a website and blog, you can reach more potential customers not limited to the current market.

You can even offer to the entire nation. It’s achievable.

Moreover, you can reach the international market,  if you do the correct marketing technique. It’s not impossible. Many businesses have done that.

Just by having a website or blog,  the boundary is no more an issue. People from China are now able to purchase from your shop in the United Kingdom.

2. Affordable Online Appearance

You own a vintage items shop. Physically located in a small town. Only people living in your area normally aware of your existence.

By having a website, people from other areas also can get benefits from your shop. From far, if they need to purchase a vintage item, your shop is there to serve them.

You may say, I think having a website is not important at the moment. I respect your decision but let me explain the marketing costs.

Having a website and blog is much cheaper than hanging a billboard on the highway.

For a website to be up and running, it only costs you less than US$8 for a month, for example, a hosting called Siteground (affiliate link) offers a small investment cost. It saves you a lot but the benefits are unimaginable.

The highway definitely has lots of traffic to view your billboard but it’s very costly. Apart from that, you also unable to justify that billboard advertising is actually bringing you those particular customers.

There are no measurements on that unless you do a survey to your customers.

3. Showcase Your Products and Services

You display your product at the shop. Only walk-in people know about that. If your company provides certain services, you have to call them.

Another way is to pay a visit and do product presentations in order for them to acknowledge your services.

You can do all the routines as part of offline marketing. It’s good but having a blog for business, you can do more than that.

All you need to upload your product or services into the blog. Explain to them using articles, graphics, and videos. Let’s your customer read and understand your product.

Should the potential customers require clarification after reading your online product presentation, they may instantly ask. In the blog, they can ask in the comment section and you can reply instantaneously.

The good thing is, you only need to reply once and the rest of the readers can get benefits from it. Others don’t need to ask again.

You have saved your time there. That’s the beauty of having a two-way communication like a blog.

It’s called the product showcase. Do one time but the impact can serve the huge market segments.

4. Update Business Activities

Your potential customers need to know your activities.

What you do to make their life happy?

What you do to solve their problem?

What you can help to eliminate their fears?

trust in business

We can help eliminate your fear, just come to us!

You can start by having an About Us page and telling them what the benefits customers can get if they use your product or services. Tell them, why your business is the ultimate solution to their needs.

By using a business blog, you can update business activities on-time. The best is always updating your activities even just a small job.

The customer will realize that your business is running well since you frequently update the activities. You will find that the benefits of blogging for business are actually given you large exposure.

What you can update?

Below are the activities you should update on the blog:

Frontend Activities

Share your story about what you do to entertain customer needs. It’s easy to write a story about it.

Storytelling is a good way for customers to enjoy your journey. Tell more about your customer behavior, feeling when you serve them.

Backend Activities

I called it the production area or back end where the things been process. It’s a secret section that some companies refuse to share with the public.

Business doesn’t want other people to know what actually they do. As for the customer, they are likewise enthusiastic to know what happens on the production line.

If you are selling physical products, show to them how you handle the packaging, logistics until delivered to the customer.

With the extra care, empathy, and meticulous in handling their request, it gains a good impression of your services.

They love it and surely they will come back again and again. It’s just a simple picture of the backend process that finally brings value to the customer’s heart.

Customers Bad Reviews

In business, you cannot run away from angry and irritating customers. That’s the normal process and you can learn a lot from it.

Are we need to update the blog for bad customer feedback too? Yes, you should and it’s a secret I’m going to tell you about the benefits of blogging for business.

What you need to reply to them? Reply by scolding them back? What you need to do first and foremost is to apologize.

Then you start to understand their pain and problem. You acknowledge the issue. Next, you offer help with something valuable that they cannot resist to turn down.

For example, customer purchases a t-shirt from you with a cost of US$49. Upon arrival, the t-shirt has a strain of black dot.

It’s obvious. He picks up the phone and starts calling you. The conversation starts with an angry tone and you immediately know that is something wrong with your product.

Upon conversation, you may offer a money-back guarantee or one-to-one replacement to the t-shirt.

To make even more excited, instead of one-to-one replacement, you may offer him a 70% discount for the next purchase he made.

Are you mad? A 70% discount is a huge deduction!

You surely will lose the profit on that sales. Cool down, my friend!

The business is not 100 meters sprint, it’s a marathon. You’ll lose some money now but not the buyer. We need that kind of customer for a very long time.

5. Customers Good Feedback

It’s the must-do thing you should post once you receive it from the customers. Published it on your blog. Let’s other people and potential buyers read it as social proof.

In terms of the testimonial, be honest. Don’t try to manipulate the bad testimonial into a good one. People soon will realize that you are playing with a bad game.

Whatever type of testimonial, just publish as-is. The same goes for email, Whatsapp, Facebook comment, or any form of praise to your product.

Why you need to let it as where it is? Because to show the testimonial is 100% genuine. It’s truly from your satisfied customer. Other peoples then look at you as a genuine seller.

positive customer feedback

Whatsapp feedback. Publish in the actual format.

6. Publish Latest Products Update

Publish the new updates on the blog is a good way to make it viral. It’s become more engagement if you offer something special for that product.

For example offer customers early bird purchase, limited time offer discount, and exclusive purchase.

early bird offer

It’s an early bird offer. Why waiting?

The loyal customer would not hesitate to cash out and purchase your product if you present in an approachable way.

It might be articles with a stunning video or persuasive picture. It’s your creativity to make it sellable.

People also love to share the latest product with their friends if familiar with your previous product. It can be done by using the blog.

He will come back or at least satisfy your explanation and the irresistible offer. He also doesn’t matter to tell his friend about the great customer service he experiences with.

That’s why you need to publish it on the blog. People surely inspire on how you manage the angry customer.

They know they are dealing with a good seller. You can fix the pain. Later, you gain another star!

7. Relationship with Existing Customer

Engagement in business is like a husband and wife. It should stay in a good way.

If one the person goes wrong, then you know you cannot get anything from your partner. The more it goes, the harder you have to spend time to cool it down.

It’s the same for your existing customer and the blog is the place you can establish a good relationship with them.

You published good content, help with their query, and give more than they expected.

Soon, you will be amazed that it is given you the benefits of blogging for business.

In fact, according to OutboundEngine, acquiring a new customer can cost you five times more than maintaining an existing customer.

It also suggests that you can raise up to 95% if increase customer retention by 5%.

The good news is, the success rate selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. It’s high chances the will buy from you again.

That’s why keeping the existing customers happy is crucial to your business rather find the new one. Shall you failed, they can switch to other competitors within a minutes.

Many people nowadays are selling nearly the same thing. What’s make you stand out is your good relationship with them. By having a business blog, you can have a strong bonding with the customers.

8. Create Trust with Potential Customer

Business is about trust. People buy and deal because of trust. In becoming more crucial if you are using an online platform to promote your business.

Customers are unable to see you. They don’t know who they are dealing with. You might be the scammers.

What you need to do is, tell the trust. Show everything to them to justify your business for example your picture, contact number, shop address, and products. Never hide anything that might suspicious.

The trust is to gain. That’s hard at the beginning but once you get that, you are everything to them. In the beginning, you can share valuable content for free without intention to get a sale.

The more you share, the more you get noticed as an expert.

australian scam statistic 2019

Austalia scam statistic for ‘buying and selling’. Total lost more than 19 million Australian dollars. Credit image: www.scamwatch.gov.au.


If you have a business, then a blog is a necessity. The above benefits are my experience with two business blog that brings consistent leads even I’m rarely updating the blog post.

The blog is a good platform but the most important thing for me is your great customer services.

What’s your good experience with a business blog?

Let’s me know if you have any question or suggestion. Feel free to comment below.

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