16 Best Blog Posts Ideas for a Small Business Blog

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Published high-quality blog posts. That’s the main thing a business owner needs to do on their business blog. In this article, I will share with you the best blog post ideas for your small business.

What is a Blog Post?

A blog post is a content published to the visitor on a blog. You may create from various forms of content such as:

  • Words
  • Images, photos
  • Infographic – photos with text
  • Video

Normally, when a blog published a post, it shows to the visitor that the blog is active. It updated.

The blog which has the older blog posts published will create a bad impression on the visitor.

People might query, whether the business is still on considering no new update on the blog. It’s crucial and important especially to the new business blog to have updated content.

How Frequent to Update the Blog Post?

It depends on your strategy. No “one size fits all”. If you think you need daily updates, go for it. For me, a business blog post needs at least a weekly update.

According to IMPACT, the companies that publish more than 16 posts months gets almost 3.5x traffic than companies published between 0 to 4 posts.


The best way is to update on a daily basis. It’s not just for your customers but for the search engine to bring you consistent organic traffic. Search engine like Google loves daily update to index posting.

Another finding on HubSpot, for a small blog, the frequency update is around 3 -4 posts a week. For brand awareness, the frequency is less than 2 posts a week.

How Long Should I Write the Blog Post?

It also depends but if you go for articles, first and foremost, make sure it’s useful. If you published a 3,000 words article but the reader cannot get any single of benefits, it still useless.

There’re lots of blog posts examples available out there. Mostly from the inspirational full-time blogger who dedicated their life to blogging.

They write in-depth, comprehensive yet high-quality content. It creates trust and a relationship with the value they provide.

average blog post length for google result

Credit info hookagency.com

For example blogger for ShoutMeLoud, ProBlogger, and Neil Patel (to name a few). They create a stunning business brand by helping people using a blog.

As for me, the best blog posts ideas should consist of this simple formula;

5W 1H.

This all you need by asking yourself what customers need and answer it with what your business can offer.

  1. Who
  2. What
  3. Where
  4. When
  5. Whom
  6. How

Back to the main topic, below are the best blog posts ideas that you need on your journey to start a successful business blog.

Let’s check it out.

1. What does Your Company do?

This is the most important part. In your first blog post, grab customer attention by introducing your company business.

Published the content on the About Us page and at the same time create a blog post to explain the details about your company.

For example, if you’re doing t-shirt printing services, your blog posts should include:

  • Type of printing you are offering (sublimation, silkscreen, heat press).
  • The minimum quantity you accept for the order.
  • Coverage area.

The first-ever blog post is the one you need to focus on in order to grab customer attention. A good impression can trigger the customer to know more about your business.

You have to present a comprehensive company profile so that it’s easy to hook up with the new potential customers.

In the beginning, the customer might not show interest, but remember, the first post is not about the sale. It’s about your awareness and existence.

2. Business Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

In short, USP means unique and better with others. It’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel by introducing new bombastic things.

It can be a gift, free items, value-added, saving or anything as long it’s benefits to the customer.

The purpose is to attract a new customer as well as retain the existing customers.

Back to the t-shirt printing business model, what do you think of the USP?

You can offer free delivery within a certain amount of sales or quantity. For example, free delivery nationwide with a minimum order of 100 pieces t-shirt.

So, if a customer just wants to purchase 90 pieces but needs to pay the cost of delivery, he or she might think it’s better to take the free delivery offer.

That’s what UPS does. To provide an irresistible offer to the customer without jeopardizing the quality.

Domino’s is another good UPS in the market. 30 minutes or free pizza.

It tells us that their guarantee to deliver is a faster period of time.  Then, you can save your time waiting for too long.

For the free terms,  it’s actually an assurance, because at the end of the transaction you have nothing to lose.

My ex-university lecturer used to say about this quote. She said to the Domino’s guy.

“Whatever it is, you cannot buy my time.” Money is not an issue. It’s time.

It absolutely makes sense to me.

dominos usp

Take your time and think from the customer perspective because USP is a ‘wow’ factor to them.

It’s also a concrete reason why they choose you in the first place.

The UPS might be one of the best blog posts ideas you can have in your mind.

Set at least one USP that customers unable to resist and post it to your blog.

3. Solve Customer’s Problem

This is what every business should do.

To provide a solution to the problem. Provide an answer to the question. Provide better conditions from the worst.

A blog post should contain an in-depth solution to customer’s problems. When a customer reaches your blog, it means that the search engine suggests your solution to that particular customer.

This is a good chance for you to convert the opportunity to the sale.

For example, you are selling a lost weight product. The best approach is,  in your blog post, explain the benefits of your product, not the features.

  • Benefits – safe to use, easy to consume, no exercise needed.
  • Features – 500gram, made in USA, yellow bottle.

To complement each other, the features also a selling factor but you need to explain it after highlighting the benefits. That’s the main point to grab customer attention.

Use this idea to create a new blog post. List all your product/services benefits in the post.

4. Share Your Current Customers

People tend to follow other successful peoples. New customer buys from you because of social proof by your existing customer.

They gain trust in other success stories.

The success story is a big ‘yes’ to you. This is one of the best blog posts ideas you can publish on the blog.

The more people can solve their problem with your product /service they more customers you will acquire.

It’s one of the benefits of blogging because you can showcase your happy customer.

Keep your existing customer happy and share their happiness on the blog post. Always remember, maintaining existing customers is more important than acquiring new customers.

Did you know that it cost five (5) times more to get a new customer than retaining the existing customer?

5. Publish Feedback from Existing Customer

Be transparent. In business, always ready to receive two kinds of feedback.

The good and the bad.

As a human,  we as business owner appreciates good feedback from customers. Instantly publish on the blog. That’s good.

How about the poor feedback? You also can publish on the blog but in a good manner. Answer the poor feedback and show how you handle that kind of feedback.

We all know that all products in the market have a shortage. No perfection. It’s human nature.

This is the time you as a small business owner managed the bad feedback. Peoples outside tend to judge your credibility in handling that situation.

If you succeed, then it can be the best blog post ever you can come out. You got respect and authority from the public.

6. Tips and Technique

What you give you get back. Seem familiar?

what you give you get back

But that’s true. In order to attract customers, you have to give what you do best. For free.

Publish high-quality tips and techniques for free without intention to sell anything. Just a useful sharing.

For example, you are running a small business for corporate gifting. Your target market is another business entity (Business-to-Business).

Here the best blog posts ideas you can publish:

  • How a small business can attract new customers using corporate gifts? – one post
  • 5 best corporate gift for your customer on 2020 – another blog post
  • 7 tips on how to market your business using corporate gift – another blog post
  • 3 company events  that need a corporate gift – another blog post
  • 5 best corporate gifts for your new customer – another blog post

Imagine you’re a customer. You should do what your customer needs and focus on that opportunity. Create a blog post that they are looking for.

7. Latest News and Update

Based on my experience on other blogs (the non-English blogs I owned), publish the latest news is a good way to boost traffic. Especially when you release a new product update.

Instead just a normal visitor, it actually able to convert that visitor to email subscribers.

For product update posts, I usually provide a comprehensive gift price list and the latest catalog. In an exchange with that content, the visitor needs to provide their email address.

Then, I will email to the customer the price list and catalog as requested. They get the price list and I get a new subscriber. It’s a win-win situation.

The latest news and update can be the best blogs post ideas since you are not just providing fresh content, but in the return, you get a subscriber.

Email is a priceless database for any business. Moving forward, you can create a good relationship, trust, and sale to your customer just using email marketing.

8. Share your Physical Location

If you rent a shop, invite the potential customers to your place by sharing the shop location, opening hours, and direction to the blog post.


Google My Business is a free tool that allows you to promote business profiles on Google Search and Maps.

It’s a good opportunity especially for the business with a premise. Read more on Google My Business here.

Some people more convenient to walk-in to have a look at your products. It is usually applied to the business that needs physical presence like a boutique, grocery, and home appliances.

9. Post Customer Loss

Humans are afraid of failure, unhappiness, and humiliation. No one wants bad things to happen.

You have a solution to eliminating all this anxiety. So spread the peace to the customer. Tell your readers that they have arrived at the right place to solve their problems.

So, it’s a good idea to create a post to the readers about what you can do to get rid of the problem.

10. Published  your Product & Services

How much your product cost? Did you provide trial or tester to first-time customers?

This is one of the best blog post ideas you can come out with.

The potential customer can decide which package suitable for their needs.

Each of us has own preferences, some might need just a basic product while others maybe need the higher requirements.

When you create this type of blog post, always remember to describe everything related to the product or service.

It’s because you can save your time entertain question from customers later. Be transparent. The customer much happier to know everything without hiding suspicious info.

11. Storytelling

People love to read story especially related to them. It feels very close to their situation.

What you need to do? Create storytelling.

storytelling technique

Start a story on your previous customer experience. Start with their problem, then continue with their anxiety. Next, elaborate on the worst issue then finally they find your solution and managed to solve it.

The storytelling technique is one of the approaches to the soft skill marketing you need to adapt to your business. It creates emotional reactions in order to close the deal.

12. Blog Post on Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

The benefit of having FAQ is to save your time. Also, it can be read not just to the person who asks you the question, but also applicable to other visitors.

When you received numerous questions on the contact form, email, Whatsapp, or any kind of communications, you could compile it and create a new blog post just for the question and answer.

Apart from creating a blog post, you also can create it as a Page so that people who visit your blog can easily navigate to that FAQ page.

13.Create How-to Post

Most people search on Google looking for a solution on something especially how-to do something. A step-by-step to guide the customer to solve their problem.

For example, if you want to start a business blog, you can navigate to one of my how-to posts. Read Step-by-Step How to Start a Blog for Small Business.

In your business blog, frequently publish on this type of blog post.

14. Create a Poll

Another blog post idea is to create a poll. It’s a great approach to track or measure certain parameters.

For example, if you are running a barbershop, then you could start a pool like:

  • In a month, how frequently you go for a haircut?
  • How much you spend on a haircut?
  • How old are you?
  • Where do you live?

There are lots or poll you can create either just a simple or multiple questions. Everything goes back to your objective.

The more people contribute to your poll, the more accurate the data you can get.

With the result, you can study your customer behavior, pattern, and interest for you to provide better service in the future.

15. Post your Videos

If your business easy to understand using video, then go for it.

For example, you’re running a home decoration business. You can publish how to create certain decorations. The easiest is to use video instead of articles.

People can see and learn the materials, steps, and techniques much easier through video.

16. What Third-Party Said About You?

Apart from your customer, what other third-party or independent body tell about you? Did they give recognition to your business?

It tremendously gains customer attention to your business.

When other people talking about you, it shows that you are the reference and authority.

This can be one of the best blog posts ideas for you. If that so, use this opportunity to publish on the blog.


The best blog posts ideas are the outline for you to publish high-quality content to the visitors. When you consistently posting good content one and another, it gains popularity,  trust, and public reference.

People soon will recognize you as one of the best businesses they should deal with if looking for a solution.

Do you have any blog posts ideas? Share with me on the comment below.

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