70 Best Website Ideas to Start in 2020

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Thinking to start a website in 2020? As promised, this post is about the best website ideas you can apply to create a brand new website.

The Internet is full of websites. According to Internet Live Stats, there are over 1.5 billion websites on the internet as of today.

In the previous post, I already share with you 49 Blog Niches Ideas if you decided to launch a new blog. You can click on the link to get the ideas.

Table of Contents

1. Why does a website exist?

The websites are widely used by persons, organizations, and companies mainly to offer something. Depending on their objective either for profits or non-profit purposes. Websites can have a collection of articles, videos, podcasts, images, and many more materials.

2. Did the website  still relevant?

Definitely. As the Internet communities grow and looking for certain solutions and new things, the websites remain relevant to provide those answers.

World-website-statisticMore than 1.7billion website along the journey for 30 years. Source statista.com

The early existence of the website just used plain text information. Then, along the way, the web evolution expands to image, videos, and podcasts.

This shows that the website still relevant to be the number one source to those who need information on various purposed.

Let’s start with all the list for 70 best website ideas in 2020.

  1. Business Website

    If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” – Bill Gates.

    How your business to be on the internet? The easy and cheaper way by having a website.

    You can showcase what your business does and portfolio not just to your local area but around the world.

    As a business owner, the website is a must.

  2. Poll and Survey Website

    You can develop a poll and survey website. Visitor can create their question and publish to their blog or website. In the future, you can offer to the company for survey works and charge on it. For example Survey Monkey.

  3. Blog

    Start your own blog. The easy way is by using WordPress. Express your opinion via writing great content to the readers. This one of the best website ideas that you should have.

  4. News Website

    News is everywhere. There are various categories you can start on the website. For example, you can focus on the website specific to technology, sports, politics, and entertainment.

    Even newspaper company which publish all kind of news also moving to the online by having own website. This is one of the best website ideas for you to consider.

    Just find your interest and start writing news. For example, website ThisIsAnfield.com only focuses on Liverpool football club news.

  5. Contest and Competition Website

    Find contests within your friends and create a website to promote it. You can charge the contest owners in order to advertise their contests.

  6. Free Sample & Free Gift Website

    Everybody loves free items. For this website idea, you can find companies that offer free samples. All you need to get the info and publish it on your website.

  7. Aggregator Website

    This type of website doesn’t have content on their own. It’s collect the content and display the link from other website using RSS and URL.

  8. Tools and Utility Website

    Set up a website for simple tools and utility. This type of website is very useful for peoples to find simple solutions.  You can monetize using display ads. Example website like Omnicalculator.com.

  9. Images and Photos Website

    Upload images or photos and sharing with others. You also can offer people to upload their photos to your website. For example Pexels.com. You can open it to the public for free download.

  10. Advertising Website

    Offer business owners to advertise their products to your website. You can start with a free listing and slowly charge for a fee once you get more demand.

    This One Million Homepage sells USD1 for each pixel. It’s sold out. Amazing!

  11. Ecommerce Website

    The estimated 12 – 24 million eCommerce websites around the world. The good thing about an eCommerce website is automation on payment. Easy to use. If you have products, using the eCommerce approach is the best. The popular eCommerce website like Amazon and eBay.

  12. Classifieds Ads Website

    This website offer business owner to advertise their product or services. You can charge for a certain amount every time they submit the ads. For example, Craiglist.com.

  13. Wiki Website

    It’s a type of website that allows users to contribute content directly from the web browser. It becomes a huge knowledge-based website for any type of category. For example Wikipedia.org.

  14. Question and Answer Website

    People search the internet for an answer. Then, it’s good to have a website which able for people to ask a question. You have to find an answer for that or open it to other people to answer that. For example Quora.com.

  15. Online Course Website

    Learning never-ending. You can learn everything from the expert. If you have expertise on certain skills, you can start an online course website and teach people. It’s a great opportunity to make money online.

  16. History Website

    If you interest in any kind of history, then you can set up a website just for that purpose. People can learn lots of things about culture, people and civilization.

  17. Selling Vehicles

    Create a website for people to sell their vehicles like car, motorbike or truck. If you’re a car dealer for a new car, you also can use the website to promote the business.

  18. Rental Vehicles

    It’s the best website idea for those who are looking to rent vehicles. You can promote local vehicle rental to your website and charge for a commission. To get more revenue, start your own vehicle rental and promote it on the website.

  19. Rent and Sell, Auction Property Website

    If you’re a property agent, this is a good approach to have own property website. People tend to use the Internet to find a house for sale, rent or auction. You also can open to other agents to advertise their property listing.

  20. Writing Website

    Teach people how to become a good writer. Showcase your writing talent on a website.

  21. Articles Directory Website

    Create a directory just to host articles. You can offer to the bloggers or writers to submit their articles.

  22. Download Website

    You can develop a download website for software, application, song, and movie but have to comply with regulation and copyright. For example FileHippo.com.

  23. Donation

    This is good platform to help others. All you need is find peoples who need help or donation and you publish it on the website. Let’s other people contribute to society.

    who covid19 donation
    Donate to WHO and help to fight COVID-19. Donation Campain by World Health Organization

  24. Petition

    Have something and you want your voice to be heard? Put in on the petition website. Others also can contribute by digital sign your petition. For example Change.org.

  25. Crowdfunding Website

    Mostly for the projects to get funding from the public. For example Kickstarter.com.

  26. Forum

    It’s a website for community to share idea, ask the question as well as help people to solve their problems.

  27. Recipies Website

    Interested in food recipes? Start a recipes website by sharing your secret recipes. You also can share other recipes. People will thank you for your kindness.

  28. Services Website

    Start a website by offering to the service providers to promote their business. All about services such as plumbers, electricians, logistics, delivery and more.

  29. Middleman Website

    3rd party website which links between buyer and seller or between advertiser and publisher. You can charge buyers/advertisers for your services.

  30. Religious Website

    Create a website for your religion.

  31. Animals Website

    Lots of categories for animals include pets, documentary, news, and animal care.

    pets website
    Thank you for taking care of us!

  32. Online Bookstore Website

    Become your own online bookstore. Sell book online like Kinokuniya.com.

  33. Web Development Website

    Teach people who love web development on your website. You can produce videos, articles, coding, tutorials and more. Example w3schools.com.

  34. Job Board Website

    People always look for a job either for a new job or career enhancement. You can create a specific job board just to target your state or general job board which covers nationwide. For example, Remote.co is target specifically remote jobs/work from anywhere.

  35. Humor & Funny Website

    Tell your humor or funny stories. You also can share other stories.

  36. Software and Application Website

    Are you good at developing the new applications? You can sell it online. For example accounting software, inventory software, and email marketing services.

  37. Web Hosting & Domain Website

    Web hosting and domain is the first thing need to start a website. This is required knowledge and commitment because web hosting and domain works 24/7.

    If you have the expertise, then it’s good to start a web hosting website. The demand is always there by individual and business. For example, a good web hosting is SiteGround (affiliate link).

  38. School and College Education Website

    Share education tips, learning, and materials online. This is the best website ideas for student and lecturer to arrange learning materials.

  39. Research & Recognition Website

    A research website is a great place to get legit information. It’s an authority website trust by peoples as they offer comprehensive research and recognition. For example Gartner.com.

  40. Foreign Language Website

    Good in a certain language? Teach others to learn a new language.

  41. Event Management Website

    Showcase your event management business using website. Publish your happy customers, saving packages and affordable prices to your prospects.

  42. Ticketing Website

    Online ticketing websites use for people to avoid long queues at the counter. For example sport, event or concert tickets.

  43. Personal Development

    Share your tips and technique on how to grow and become a better person.

  44. Subscription-Based Website

    Most of the business now turn to OPEX (Operational Expense) rather than CAPEX (Capital Expenses). The business expenses are less if using the OPEX subscription model.

    They are websites offer for subscription-based like the accounting systems, email marketing, web hosting. The subscriber just needs to pay on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis depending on the provider.

    You can grab this opportunity to start your own subscription website. For example, QuickBooks offer accounting software at a very affordable cost.

  45. Digital Product Website

    If you have the digital products like ebook, software, photos and great blog themes, then you can develop a website to sell those products.

    Digital products are easy to manage compared to physical ones. You don’t need courier service to deliver your product, mostly done by email. For example ThemesForest.net.

  46. Search Engine Website

    Start your search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. This is one of the best websites ideas if you can make it happen.

  47. Email Marketing Website

    Offer an email marketing platform to the website owners. For example Aweber, GetResponse, Mailerlite to name few.

    Email statistics. Credit to Oberlo.com

  48. Free Email Website

    It’s an email account which you can offer for free like Yahoo Mail, Gmail and Hotmail.

  49. Online Games Website

    There a huge community out there love to play the online game. You can have your own game website and open it to the visitors to play online either one player or multiplayer around the globe.

  50. Video Website

    Apart from just content and article, the videos website also very popular like YouTube. You can create your own video website and sharing valuable videos with your visitors.

  51. Podcast Website

    It’s a series of audio (episode) spoken recordings by peoples. The visitor then downloads and to listen to it later, like during driving.

  52. Audio Website

    The website just for audio materials for example song collection.

  53. Social Media Website

    Want to be next Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Create new big things with this best website ideas. Find the gaps in the existing social media platforms and create the new one.

  54. Dropshipping Website

    If you have a product and want to expand the business using agents, then a dropshipping website is good for that purpose.

  55. Reading Book Online Website

    Let’s people subscribe to your website to read all kinds of materials like fiction, novel, history and many more. For example Kindle.com.

  56. Movie & Drama Review Website

    People may want to know the trailer of the movie before watching it at the cinema. Then, you can create a review website just for the movies and drama. Let’s other people give the rating for the movies. For example IMDB.com.

  57. Webinar Website

    Save money and time by having a webinar instead of a physical appearance meeting. Since people working at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the webinar is a hot demand business.

    The companies need to do a meeting with staff and the only way to achieve that by using the webinar. For example Google Hangout, Zoom, and GoToMeeting.

  58. Checklist Website

    Provide lists of many items, for example, recipes, travel listing and daily to list. Publish it on your checklist website and lets others get benefits from that template.

  59. Resources List Website

    A list of resources on many things in a particular niche. It might be one of the best website ideas which store the valuable lists.

  60. Price Comparison Website

    Before deciding to purchase, we normally look for the price at different websites. Why not you do a price comparison from different websites and put into one website.

    Easy for a buyer to decide. For example, Trivago.com which compare hotel price with differences websites around the globe.

  61. Statistics Website

    People need proof of something. The one way to show but showing them the statistics. For example Google Analytics, Statista, and Similarweb.

  62. Stock Trading / Broker Website

    Are you an expert on the stock market? Then, show your expertise on the website. The new investor needs a great consultant to guide them and you might be one of those people.

  63. Online Portfolio / Resume Website

    Promote yourself by using an online portfolio or resume. Increase your value for career development. For example LinkedIn.

  64. “Best of” Everything Website

    Like this blog. We usually list “best of” blogging. So you get only the best in the market.

  65. Infographic Website

    Using infographics able to simplify and easy understanding about somethings. If you’re just using text or articles, some people might get confused or not 100% understand what you are going to tell.

    Start infographic website and publish the best in the market.

  66. Personal Collection Website

    What is your hobby? Collecting stamp, books, album or shirt. Show to the world your unique free-time activities. Let’s everybody get inspired.

  67. Vintage Things Website

    If you have vintage collection for sale or just for hobby, then the website is the good platform to tell others.

  68. Meme Website

    The meme is a combination of text, image or video. The purpose just for fun and humor.

    Meme images. Credit 9gag.com

  69. Social Relationship Website

    You are an honour person if can graft between a man and a woman. It’s easy and possible by using a social relationship website.

  70. Do-It-Yourself Website

    Showcase your talent for example on craft, knitting, decoration or anything to your visitors.

4. Conclusion

Having a good idea is the first step you need to consider before starting to develop the website. I’ve compiled these best website ideas to make it easier for you to plan your website journey.

Everythings start with an idea, then the tremendous action takes the rest.

Which best website ideas do you like?

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