49 Blog Niche Ideas To Start Blog in 2020

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It’s easy nowadays to start a blog. Just buy a domain, hosting and setup WordPress then you are ready to roll-out a new blog. In this post, I will share with you the blog niche ideas to start a blog in 2020.

The great blog is more than that. It should have a niche and value to the readers.

If it’s so easy, then lots of people will succeed with the blog in a short period of time.

They are two types of people on starting a blog:

  1. Just for fun
  2. To make money

If you choose number #1, then it’s fine to have any kind of blog niche.

1. What is a Blog Niche?

The niche is a specific topic you will write on the blog.

Every article, video or podcast you published on the blog should be correlated to the niche you have chosen.

The purpose of having a niche is to serve a specific group of people or audience

Niche = Audience

For example, a niche about personal finance will target the audience who are looking for personal savings, finance management and related to that.

So, for a blog that looking to make money, having a niche is a must. For start, I compile available the blog niche ideas for your references.

The blog niche needs to suit your expertise, interest and capability for your blog post soon.

A great niche is when you have the knowledge and at the same time capable to grant you profitability.

2. Why Blog Niche is Important?

A good niche should have supply and demand. It’s like a business. In short, it divided into three processes:

  1. Supply – which is your products or services that you offered
  2. Demand – which the audiences or users of the products or services
  3. Profit – In the middle of the transaction, both parties get the value. Users get the benefits and you get the profit

Having a niche means you have a clear focus on a specific topic. You don’t need to think about everything, just focus on your area.

I’m not against a general blog (no specific niche) which published everything from personal life, pet, and technology.

You require tremendous work to update the blog. You need more research and content.  It’s good to have a general blog if you do it just for a hobby.

How about you want to make some money from the blog? Then you have to think from the advertiser perspective.

Advertisers will select a specific blog with specific audiences to promote their product.

For example, a travel agency wants to promote a travel package. Clearly, they prefer a travel blog with the audiences who like to travel.

It’s more targeted and has potential in terms of return on investment.

They not simply going to promote on the general blog (even some of the articles telling about travel).


Aim for the laser-focused audiences. Credit image The Balance Small Business

In short, having a niche blog will guide your blogging journey on the right traction. In the end, everybody is happy.

3. What are the 49 blog niche ideas to start a blog in 2020?

So, we are back on the niche blog idea. You might ask, I don’t have any niche and how to get one?

No worry, this post will help. Just sit back, read and decide which one suits your needs.

  1. Finance

    It has a huge demand for finance on the internet. Everybody looks for saving and making money. This niche can narrow down to subcategories like personal financing, insurance and saving.

    It’s is an advantage if you have experience or skillset in accounting and financing. For example KCLau and Money Under 30.

  2. Parenting

    Share your experience about how to raise and manage kids. There are lots of tips and techniques you can offer with the other parents.

    Most of the blog for this niche dominant by the housewife (mom) at home. I also found there is a popular blog owned by a father name Fatherly.com.

  3. Health & Fitness

    Periodically need by the peoples. It can divide by sub-niches such as personal health, weight loss, supplement and more. Example, MyFitnessPal and MindBodyGreen.

  4. Foods

    You can write about your daily diet or your experience at the restaurant. Do review or comparison on the foods. Take pictures and expand to your social media.

    The attention of food is about pictures. Then, having Instagram and Pinterest is a must. For example TheHalalFoodBlog and MySalaam.

  5. Travel

    People searching for a vacation on the internet by reading people’s experiences. To find it,  the blogs have the info about the best place they are looking for.

    The readers want honest reviews for the place, foods, accommodation and more. If you want to choose this travel blog niche, you need to experience by yourself the place you reviewed.

    It establishes more engagement with the readers. For example Maptia and Thatsofarah.

  6. Technology

    This is a huge niche on the internet. Everythings associate with technology. You may choose sub-niches to start a blog like reviewing the Internet package,  industrial technology, news or robotics.

    It’s very technical on the writing because you are playing with facts and numbers. Examples of successful technology niche blogs are Engadget and TechCrunch.

  7. Games

    Everybody needs entertainment. One of them is playing games. If your blogging about games, a good approach is sharing on the new release games.

    Show the readers how to play certain games. You need a video platform like Youtube. For idea, take a look for this games channel on YouTube like Maximilian Dood.

  8. Application and Software

    If you are using a computer or mobile phone, then the application and software are the things you have to install. Do product review or the latest news for the software you are using now.

    Even it’s just a tiny little software but trusts me, somebody will get benefits on it. Example AppsThunder and AppAddict.

  9. How To Things

    People using Google or Yahoo search engines to find a solution, tutorial or guidance. On how to do something. On how to solve somethings.

    It has the opportunity to serve people with what you know about something. It’s also a huge niche and you need to narrow down to a specific category.

    The blog idea is there but you need to find your strength on how to write it later. Example WikiHow and How To Geek.

  10. Blogging

    Some of the blogs are teaching others how to create a blog. These blog niche ideas also a great opportunity if you have passion and knowledge about blogging.

    You may write about blogging techniques, plugins, themes, marketing and news. For example, BloggingBasics101, WPBeginner, ShoutMeLoud and our blog itself 🙂

  11. Make Website

    The website is much more diversified. The blog is also one of the types of websites. If you have knowledge of web development, then it’s huge advantage for you.

    For example create a website for businesses, personal or organizations. Example Wix and WebsiteSetup.

    I will share about website niche idea on the next article. Stay tuned!

  12. Make Money Blogging

    A very high search on Google and a competitive niche. It takes time, effort and proof in order to gain trust from the readers.

    Be honest and don’t just do for the sake of money, you are cheating. Soon, the reader gets notice that you speak louder than action. Example SmartBlogger and CloudLiving.

  13. Internet Marketing

    Write about internet marketing also need technical knowledge on marketing and online platform. You can share about the marketing technique for blog, website, business etc. Example NeilPatel and TheSmartPassiveIncome.

  14. Teaching Language

    This is good if you have qualified knowledge of secondary language apart from your native language. For example, if you’re Spanish then you can have a blog teaching on that language.

    It’s like an online dictionary and reference to the newbies. Example I Will Teach You a Language.

  15. Family

    It starts at home. The sub-niche like a new family, two kids family or general family. It covered management, love and tips on how to deliver happiness to the family. Example Your Modern Family and Child and Family.

  16. Gardening

    If you love about plant, tree and vase, then this is one of the good blog niche ideas for your consideration. Take some pictures and explain what you’re doing to grow your garden. Example The Rusted Garden and The Middle Size Garden.

  17. Automotive

    Where do you find the review if you want to buy a car? On the blog, right? Because the blogger will review in dept the functionality, performance, design and price of the car.

    That’s why the car blog is popular on the internet. People keep searching for the new car, used car even to sell their car. Example Paul Tan and AutoBlog.

  18. Motorcycles

    It’s like automotive but specific in motorcycles. Example RevZilla and MotoLady.

  19. Cycling

    We live in the community on various interests. Cycling able to connect between interest and community.

    You can write about spare parts, tips, reviews and also cycling tournaments.  Example We Love Cycling and Adventure Cycling.

  20. Relationship

    Love brings us together. Single looking for another single. Share your love tips, guidance to those who are looking for a new relationship.

    Yes, the relationship always complicated. Example The Gottman Institute and The Relationship Blogger.

  21. Politics

    I do not encourage you to go to this niche even it’s a great blog niche. Politics tent to broke up the community. Write wisely and stand with your positive opinion. Example BoingBoing and Taking Points Memo.

    politics blog niche
    Choose wisely your side! Credit image CNBC

  22. Home Decorating

    Make your house look better and cozy. Take great pictures and share with others. Write about how you turn your house from just ok to outstanding. Example House Beautiful and Apartment Therapy.

  23. Cooking

    Share your cooking skill, technique, how to cook, choosing the right ingredient until the presentation of the dishes. Use Instagram and Pinterest to get more viewers. Example Pinch of Yum and Simply Recipes.

  24. Computer and Notebook

    It’s part of the technology niche but specific to end-user devices. You can write about reviews, comparison and how to make the computer perform better. Example Laptop Mag and Computer Weekly.

  25. Security

    Home security, child security, car security and internet security. Choose which one suits your expertise. Example Protect Your Home and Heimdalsecurity.

  26. Carpentry Works

    How to create a cabinet, table and chair from woods. Else, how to build a house. Much better. Example Rogue Engineer and The Handmade Home.

  27. Self-Improvement and Motivation

    Most of the blogs have this module. It tells good things about how you can become a better person day by day. Example Mark Manson and Personal Excellence.

  28. Beauty

    Suit for women who are obsessing about beauty. If you’re good about beauty kind of things, trust me it’s easy to find the followers. Example Makeup and Beauty and Jane Iredale.

  29. Fashion

    One of the popular search on the internet. With online shopping growth every day, people tend to find the best fashion suit for their needs.

    You can write for category executive, women even for the child. Example Girl With Curves and Fashion Jackson.

  30. Celebrities

    It’s more like gossip, lifestyles and news. Example E-Online and Hollywood Life.

  31. Movies and Drama

    Watch new movies this week? Why not sharing on your blog about good, bad and rating. Example Roger Ebert and The Movie Blog.

  32. Entertainment

    It’s a huge niche. You can target kids, teens, as well as adults. For example the best water theme park in a certain area.

  33. Green and Eco Friendly

    Green building, recycling and energy saving. Example Wellness Mama and Green Living Ideas.

  34. Vintage

    Have a vintage car or motorcycle? Share your review about it on your vintage blog niche. Example Norton fo Morton and Classic Car Envy.

  35. Career Development

    Write about career progression, resume and tips to be a good employee. Example Prolific Living and Corporette.

  36. Education

    Share about learning tips, time management and reading. Example Curriculum Corner and Polka-dotted Teacher.

  37. Pet and Animal

    Give advice on how to take care of your pets, choosing the right food and grooming. Example PetGuide and ModernCat.

  38. Humor & Funny

    Write or sharing humor and funny story. Also, you can share picture as long don’t humiliate people. Example Storytime With John and The Bloggess.

  39. Writing Technique

    As a blogger, this is a must. If you have this ability, you can write about the writing technique. Maybe you are a reporter, writer or journalist.

    Then, share your insight with others. Example Writer’s Digest and Writing Cooperative.

  40. Poem and Literature

    Show your talent writing poem. Let’s everybody get benefits and share your works. Example Write Out Loud and  Hello Poetry.

  41. History

    History is a good way to learn the passed. We can build something better in the future. Example Histroy Ancient World.

  42. News

    It requires tremendous works for the news blog. In general, a news blog will cater for many categories. You can point it to the smaller categories and focus on that. Example HuffPost and CNET.

  43. Religious

    Share your belief, trust and opinion on religion.

  44. Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

    Show your talent, take some pictures and video. Most of the DIY projects able to do it from home. Example Remodelaholic and Pretty Handy Girl.

  45. Photography

    The picture tells a thousand words. People love inspirational, humor and motivational pictures.

    If you’re good at photography, then this can consider as blog niche ideas for you. Example Feature Shoot and Chase Jarvis.

  46. Sewing & Tailoring

    If you’re good and have the skill, this is the great niche to expand your network. The readers might turn to become your customers. Example Crafty Gemini and Whipstitch.

  47. Interview

    Find inspirational, success and legendary people. Record your interview and publish it to your blog. Example Mixergy.

  48. Personal Development

    Write about how you as a person can improve and achieve their dreams. Example Think Simple Now and Make It Happen.

  49. Office and Organization

    Give tips to peoples about office works. As an employee, you surely have lots of experience. Example WorkDesign and Workplace Insight.

4. Conclusion

Finding a suitable niche is the first checklist you need to fulfill. You can get a brief concept about the blog niche ideas that I provided above.

There are lots of niches available on the market which I believe can suit your talent.

Find your main goal for the blog, list your expertise and match with the niche idea.

Happy blogging!

Tell me, which one might interest you?

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